All of our baked goods are gluten-free, and any custom cakes can be made vegan as well. Our cake pricing is as follows:

6-inch 2-layer Cake (~8 pieces) - $40

8-inch 2-layer Cake (~12 pieces) - $50

Quarter Sheet (2-layer) Cake (~18 pieces) - $68

Half Sheet (2-layer) Cake (~36 pieces) -  $120

Please see our Drunken Cupcakes Menu for details on our boozy cake flavors. Booze-free options are as follows...

Cakes: vanilla, chocolate, lemon, orange zest, brown sugar, coconut, carrot, espresso

Frostings: vanilla, chocolate fudge, brown sugar, lemon, orange, strawberry, raspberry, coffee, coconut, cream cheese

Please contact for custom cake orders. We require one weeks notice for these orders.