Drunken Cupcakes

Now you can have your cake and eat it too! These boozy cupcakes are gluten free and sinfully delicious.

Full-sized cupcakes: $3.50 each or $39/dozen

Mini cupcakes: $2.25 each or $24/dozen

Chocolate cake, vodka, & Kahlua buttercream ~ chocolate-covered espresso bean

Dark & Stormy 
Ginger beer cake, dark rum, & lime buttercream ~ candied ginger

Eggnog (seasonal)
Spiced eggnog cake & brandy buttercream ~ freshly ground nutmeg

Hot Buttered Rum (seasonal)
Brown sugar spice cake, dark rum, & butterscotch frosting ~ freshly ground nutmeg

Irish Car Bomb*
Chocolate cake, Jameson, & Bailey's buttercream ~ chocolate sprinkles

Irish Coffee*
Espresso-soaked pound cake, Jameson, & coffee buttercream ~ chocolate-covered espresso bean

Orange pound cake, No. 209 gin, & Campari buttercream ~ orange twist

Old Fashioned*
Orange spice cake, Bulleit bourbon, & brown sugar frosting ~ candied orange & amarena cherry

*While the distillation process should remove all gluten, those with severe gluten sensitivity may want to avoid cupcakes containing these grain-based alcohols. Our gin, vodka, & rum-based cupcakes are a better choice if you are very sensitive to gluten.